REBATEWORK - Rebate Slight-of-Hand

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Began "tracking" submitted rebates after concern some were not being listed on rebate merchandise credit card.Find that some do not get paid though submitted at one time and on one receipt.

Also find that Menards' periodically runs rebate for same item several months apart. Have asked store employees if rebate good on second purchase and assured it is as long as the rebate # is different.

However, find that rebate for the second purchased items are not rebated when they are submitted.Menards' will also not take back these items for credit, explaining that they can not do so unless one has the original rebate receipt (which one must submitt originally so no longer have, DUH).

REBATEWORK - Rebate work scam

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Not resolved

I also was scammed from the rebatework at home. They took my 97.00 and instead of being rebates, it was signing up and paying lots of money for search engines to advertise credit card offers.

As soon as I asked for a refund, everything from my inbox in my hotmail email address disappeared about the company, I had saved those emails on purpose so I would know who to contact for a refund or help if necessary.

If anyone can help us to get a refund that would be great. I have a number given to me from my bank for at 650-963-5506 but someone answered saying australian eastern time, so who knows if i'll get a response.

My bank would've helped however I wasted too much time trying to get a refund on my own, and it was over 3 months so they can't help me.

I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me. Good luck finding answers and getting a refund.

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REBATEWORK - Scam me out of my money $97.00

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

On 2/10/08 I read in a local paper about how to make money at home. Then I thought about it and decided when I looked for all it said to do there was not a thing to be found or traced. so I called up a number I found a person answered and told me she would have them contact me.

I haven't heard from them since. If any one has something that could help me get my money return please e-mail at

thanks so much for your help P.J. Terry

from Southampton. dba Scam

Orlando, Florida 2 comments
Not resolved

This Company and I use this term very loosely is nothing more than an out-and-out scam from the git-go. advertises in local and metro newspapers, such as in my case the Tampa Tribune Classified Ads. The ads for "Rebate Processors" are without question deceptive. The Tampa Tribune Classified Ad Manager, Rick Leach, even confirmed was an "advertising partner," of theirs. When I advised him as to my encounter with these scumballs and what you "apply for" and what you actually get into for $97.00 is nothing more than a fullfledged scam. YOU ARE NOT PROCESSING REBATES OR CREDITS ON CONSUMER ACCOUNTS INSTEAD YOU ARE ROPED INTO A CREDIT CARD SALES SOLICITATION PROGRAM...completely the opposite of what their ads solicit.

I am a licensed Private Investigator and should known better from the outset.

What is even more baffling is once you "click" on's web site there are pages and pages of "success stories" and "GUARANTEES OF FULL REFUND" if you cancel out of the program within 60 days. Guess what, it doesn't happen. It's nothing but BS. Once you begin your "Application Process" you are automatically linked to, which is probably the actual company "fronting"

You can fill out and get confirmation back from your "Your refund claim has been received," but forget it if you think THEY will refund you your $97 Application Fee. I know firsthand, I checked on it a week later...NO REFUND on my credit card. All-in-all I ended up with several hundred dollars worth of headaches with my credit card company having to cancel my credit card and reissuing a new one over this ***. Currently, the Fraud Dept. of WAMU is investigating this matter in an effort to credit my account the $97.

As time permits, I will be contacting the National Division of the Better Business Bureau to file a duplicate complaint against these bastards, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and the Feds. It's amazing what *** artists can get by with considering they use all the right media sources to pull off their schemes.

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Mercedes, Texas, United States #9831

I want to thank of of you for your information.I were wondering if was real or not.THANKS AGAIN.

Little Mountain, South Carolina, United States #8709

I never got ripped off by

I could smell them coming from the BS Express from the moment they asked for a $97.00 application fee. It appears the only thing they Guarantee is you won't get your $97.00 application fee refunded by these scam artists!! :cry

seems whenever our economy is in turmoil these *** artists shift into high gear :sigh compliant

Tampa, Florida 9 comments
Not resolved advertises on the website but you are link to another website affiliated with REBATEWORK.COM by the name of think this is the compnay you have become a direct member of employee.

Home REFUNDS JOBS!!!! They said you could earn between $200.00-$5000.00 weekly processing rebates. You are doing the opposite. They take you to a secure website; take your $97.00 and you are soliciting credit cards for over 800 credit cards company.

These people's are SCAMS and they are taking honest people money. They need to be stopped. I have e-mail them about 15 times and I even ask for them to send me a contact number but no response. Do not get taking for a ride; I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, Dept of Consumer Services and the State Attorney General's Office in Florida because these kind of people's need to be stopped.

I also contact my bank to re-issue me a different credit card; just in case they try to take some more money out of my credit card.I will let everyone know if I get my guarantee refund or $97.00 back.



I read this ad in one of our local papers and went to the website.It sounded good and I decided to do some investigation and let me tell the report has not been promising.Thanks for posting this!!!!


did u guys sign up fore the 5 credit cards that you are suposed to bank through. I was just starting to and i thought of looking this page up. How much did they take out of youre accounts

Castle Hayne, North Carolina, United States #17709

I also was scammed by this company.I have tried to contact them to get my money back and they keep sending me an automated response and another refund request form.

I applied for my refund the first day I signed up because I found that the job wasn't what was advertised.

That was over 2 months ago...I guess the BBB is the next step.Anything else I can do...besides not giving unknown companies my money?

Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #16449

I got scammer what can i do to get my money back?

Munford, Tennessee, United States #9121

You should start a online business warning people. Thanks for the heads up!

Chepachet, Rhode Island, United States #8566

did u get your refund?? i know someone who gets money from this did You just not know how to do this??

Millington, Michigan, United States #8563

I want to thank this person for warning me before I paid for the "opportunity" to make so much $$ from an unknown company. I thought the ad sounded to good to be true.

Spiro, Oklahoma, United States #7724

I have a hard time trusting this because there are some hardcore grammar issues.

Everything from rebatework to this pissed consumer is starting to look shady

Anadarko, Oklahoma, United States #7472

did you get your guarantee refund back yet?

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